Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Twilight: The Saga Begins... in Rhyme

Twilight fans - check out Twilight: The Poem!

For Twi-hard fans of Twilight, it seems like the right time...
To chronicle the chronicles of the saga in rhyme.

Read more at http://twilightinrhyme.blogspot.com

Monday, November 2, 2009

Grey's Anatomy Recap: Give Peace a Chance

We left off with Preggers Pompeo in bed
And Izzie's gone AWOL and soon could be dead

So Alex fights with a Mercy West girl, then cries to her later
And Derek takes his first turn as episode narrator

But first the Grey's WTF du jour
Pissing in pampers makes you "hard core" ??????

Christina is desperate for a diaper-worthy op
Even the guy who strangled her knew this was over the top

But back to McDreamy, who's going rogue without a plan
Drawing on walls and defying the man

Aided by Little Grey, who's all fired up by McSteamy hanky-panky
Doc Shep is going head to head with Chief/Doctor McCranky

Whose new regime is seriously failing
Supporters are diminishing - even Bailey is bailing

Derek grabs an OR while the Chief shows the board the board
He works for 26 hours then cuts the rights cord

The patient's alive, tumor free, and can even move his toes
Derek admits he's a god, pops a cork and then to sleep he goes....

Sweet McDreams!