Saturday, May 26, 2007

Gilmore Girls - Through the years

Let’s take a look back through the years – as the story ends,
The saga of a mother and daughter who were also best friends.

From the moment that it started we were caught up in the worlds
Of Lorelai and Rory – Our Gilmore Girls.

Where one led the other would follow
But all roads led back to Star’s Hollow.

Where Taylor, Babette, and Miss Patty resided
And town meetings were the way everything was decided.

It was very clear - the townsfolk were kookie –
But no friends could be better than Lane Kim and Sookie.

And of course Luke – the diner owner and the guy
Who brewed the best coffee as he crushed on Lorelai

A mother at 16, she left home to begin
Working at the aptly named Independence Inn

And though Lorelai and her parents live just thirty miles apart
The distance was far greater in matters of the heart

But when Chilton prep school granted Rory admission,
Lorelai had to make amends to cover the tuition

We met Emily and Richard and the first of many maids
As they traded Friday night dinners for financial aid.

So the strings are attached but Rory’s well on her way,
Plaid skirts tomorrow – and Harvard someday.

The Chilton crew included Tristan and the always stellar,
Inimitable intensity of one Paris Gellar.

Until the ice thawed, she was Rory’s archrival,
Jealous of the attention Tristan paid the new arrival.

But Rory only had eyes for Dean at the Chilton dance,
And she was not the only Gilmore having a great romance –

In fact, her lit teacher was dating her mother,
Mr Medina thought he and Lorelai were meant for each other

There were breakups, makeups, and a visit from Rory’s dad Chris,
Marriage proposals accompanied by a pro/con list.

Yes, these Gilmore girls were a pretty quirky pair,
Coffee, movies, and junk food – some obsessions they share.

Which brings me to another matter –
How did they eat so much and never get fatter?

Oh well…let them eat cake, let’s talk season 2,
At the start of which Lorelai agreed to tell Max “I do.”

But instead of for the chuppah, our girls were heading,
On a roadtrip to Harvard instead of a wedding.

Where Lorelai thought of how her life might have been,
And decided it was time she and Sookie opened their own inn.

Dean and Rory were in(n) love and going strong,
But things started going sour when Luke’s nephew came along.

Jess was trouble said the consensus at a town meeting,
But Rory was drawn to the rebel with a secret love of reading.

As for Lorelai and the rest of the Gilmore pack,
Each time they took a step forward, they took another step back.

Lorelai thinks she'll never be forgiven for not doing what was planned,
And Emily struggles to connect with a daughter, who she doesn’t understand.

It was easy to see that Rory was the apple of her grandparent’s eye,
There were poignant moments were we saw that they loved Lorelai.

Like when they caused a scene at her business school graduation,
While beaming with pride on this very special occasion.

And where was Rory while mom was wearing cap and gown?
Stuck on a bus after seeing Jess, who had recently left town –

He crashed the car Dean built, causing Rory’s broken arm,
Lorelai went berserk telling Luke he’d done enough harm.

Meanwhile things with Sookie were hardly run of the mill,
She was marrying the produce guy – Jackson Bellville.

On the eve of the wedding, Lor & Chris had some sex,
Got back together for 12 hours until what happened next…

Chris’ ex girlfriend called to say she was preggers, and he knew,
After missing Rory’s childhood, he couldn’t miss this kid’s too.

And Rory was also taking off – to Washington DC,
After the Gellar-Gilmore ticket declared their victory.

But before leaving, she kissed Jess who we learned,
Had asked Uncle Luke for permission to return.

In the fall, Lorelai was still upset that Chris was gone;
Rory admitted her feelings for Jess at the dance marathon.

She got into Harvard; but poor Paris was denied,
We feared she just might commit suicide.

But Rory chose to go to Yale like her grandfather,
Who was thrilled another Gilmore would attend his alma mater.

Lorelai paid off the Chilton debt before graduation,
But no financial aid led Rory to make a new negotiation.

Now, with Jess gone again, and Friday night dinners reinstated,
The Gilmore Girls set off to Europe after Rory graduated.

They return in the fall and it’s off to Yale right away,
Luke’s truck and a mattress make several round trips that day.

Upon arrival, we’re surprised (and delighted!) to meet,
Our old pal Paris, who will be living in Rory’s suite.

Back in the hollow, marriage was the thing to do,
Both Luke and Dean got hitched - to girls they barely knew.

In Hartford, Richard’s “Gilmore Group” enterprise got bigger,
He hired his daughter’s next boyfriend – come on Lor, Digger?

And Emily and Richard’s marriage is in need of a fix,
After the passing of Richard’s beloved mother - RIP Trix.

In the inn, Michel’s on board and the work is almost done,
All the townsfolk are invited for the Dragonfly trial run.

Now comes a milestone no fan could have missed,
When Luke and Lorelai finally kissed.

And Rory’s perfect image was seriously marred,
Dean was married but she gave him her virginity card!

After the dust settled, the final Rory-Dean round could begin,
And Luke told Lorelai that “what they were doing” he was “All In”

Until the Gilmore’s re-wedding where they briefly separated
A breakup caused by Christopher that Emily had orchestrated.

Rory met Logan Huntzberger and decided, “you jump, I jump”
But his father’s criticism of her soon led to a major roadbump

A boat theft, an arrest, and a few hours in jail,
Then moving to her grandparent’s and dropping out of Yale.

Which caused the big mother-daughter feud,
In the midst of which Lorelai asked Luke to say I Do.

They got engaged but didn’t tell Rory the news,
She had Logan, her sex house, and serious issues.

When Jess said she wasn’t herself – Rory was indicted,
She kissed the D.A.R. goodbye and the Gilmore Girls reunited!

But as much as we loved seeing them, back in all their glory,
Trouble was brewing – for Luke and Lorelai…and Logan and Rory.

The latter pair bounced back, but things with Luke & Lor were bad,
He started pushing her away after learning he was April’s dad.

They weren’t heading for the altar – that was Lane and Zach,
And per usual – when the going got tough…Chris was back.

This time, however, he would not just come and go,
After Luke denied her, Lorelai did something pretty low.

She slept with Rory’s father; she had now made her bed,
And soon was married, not to Luke – but Christopher instead.

And Rory started senior year - with Logan still smitten,
But the party boy was now off working in Great Britain.

Luke had a custody battle; Lane and Zach had twin boys,
Richard suffered a major health scare, and amidst all of the noise…

When it was Luke who stood by Lorelai’s side that night,
She realized Chris was this possibility that in the end wasn’t right.

Endings led to new beginnings as Rory said goodbye to student life,
Then chose her independence after Logan asked her to be his wife.

Paris was finally Harvard bound – med school acceptance was in,
And for the record, Lucy and the other one were no Louise & Madeline.

As Rory was finishing college, post-grad plans being made,
Lorelai sang Luke a public “I Will Always Love You” serenade.

Then suddenly without warning, the news unexpectedly hit –
Gilmore Girls wasn’t coming back – this season would be it.

In the end, Rory was heading for the campaign trail with Obama
After a big goodbye to the Stars Hollowers and of course her mama.

She attended the party the town that raised her was throwing –
Special thanks to Luke who (sob) stayed up all night sewing.

There were great moments that were sweet, but not too sappy –
Luke and Lorelai’s kiss after he said “I just like to see you happy.”

Plus Emily’s fear that come Friday night, she’d have no mouths to feed.
And when Rory told her mother, “Mom - You gave me all I need.”

Yes, the Gilmore’s gave us all a lot over the past seven years,
The spunk and the sarcasm; the laughter and tears.

The wit and charm of the mother daughter dynamo,
The pop culture references from Amy Sherman-Palladino…

The fast talking; the quippiness; and the verbal ping pong,
That Lauren Graham never got an Emmy - just plain wrong!

And I apologize for writing all this without managing to work
In a single line mentioning a strange but sweet man called Kirk.

Oh! Don’t we all wish the town of Stars Hollow wasn't fictitious;
We’d hit Al’s Pancake House, Kim’s Antiques, and confirm Luke’s coffee is delicious…

As fans, we know these details were truly an important part,
Of a show that could make us laugh, while touching our heart...

Watching a family grow up, we saw that blood was thicker than water,
We thought of our best friends; we realized we are our mother’s daughter.

We thought of the ones who gave us all we need,
The people we followed where they would lead,

After seven years, in our little corners of the world,
We said "Oy with the poodles already" - Goodbye Gilmore Girls!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

"The O.C." - A Look Back

In the middle of the summer, not too long ago
Everyone started buzzing about “the next 90210”

Beaches and babes; surfer dudes and sun,
The O.C. turned up the heat – California…here we come!

A guilty pleasure so deliciously good,
From the moment Sandy Cohen met Ryan Atwood.

Sandy took Ryan from Chino, to the land of the filthy rich,
The mythology began – “Welcome to The O.C, Bitch!”

Driving to the Cohen’s, Ryan had no clue what was in store,
Brooding by the driveway where he met the girl next door.

Marissa “Coop” Cooper was the beautiful, troubled teen,
The life of the party – the homecoming queen.

Then there was Kirsten – Sandy’s wine guzzling wife,
And their son Seth – who had a sailboat and no life.

Ryan quickly became a member of the Cohen family,
As he made his mark on the citizens of Atomic County

Like the self absorbed Summer, who was always saying “EW!”
Coop’s best friend and sidekick – a pal that’s true blue.

And Marissa needed a friend like this, truly –
To cope with two parents like Jimmy and Julie.

Jimmy was stealing money; Julie was buying a horse;
A blow up at cotillion meant imminent divorce

And Marissa’s boyfriend Luke didn’t make things better,
Cheating on her just days after they first slept together.

Lucky for Coop, Ryan punched him in the nose,
Then turned around to save her from an overdose.

Those Tijuana troubles were only the beginning,
By the time Oliver got to town, our heads were spinning.

Jimmy kissed Kirsten since he was all alone and sad,
Then he hooked up with her sister while Julie hooked up with her dad.

The gruesome twosome - Caleb and the Dragon Lady
Made daddy’s little girl, Kiki absolutely crazy.

Meanwhile Seth Cohen’s social life was off the hook,
Summer dressed as Wonder Woman, Anna made a comic book…

On our first happy merry Chrismukkah – which soon we knew
Was invented by Seth, the progeny of a Catholic and a Jew.

Amid all the holiday cheer, Marissa started therapy,
Where she met the aforementioned Oliver – a nut to the Nth degree.

Now, Coop began to show just how annoying she could be –
While Seth and Summer hopped in bed – goodbye virginity.

And Marissa’s life became even more of a mess,
When her ex boyfriend and her mother started having sex.

Luke moved to Portland; Julie married Cal by season’s end,
And Ryan went back to Chino with his pregnant ex girlfriend.

Marissa moved to the tower, Seth sailed far away,
Yet everyone but Luke was back by Labor Day.

We all tuned in to see what the second season had in store
Some of us skeptical that it wouldn’t be as good as the one before.

With Ryan off in Chino, Marissa’s life seemed so much harder,
She became an alcoholic and started screwing the gardener!

Summer found Zack, and though on paper they were perfection,
He turned out to be a boring version of Seth and there was no love connection.

So though the super cool comic book club ultimately came to an end
Zack and Seth created their own graphic novel based on all of their friends.

And for Ryan, there was a new girl in town – a red head with an oboe,
But Lindsay was Cal’s illegitimate daughter (Kiki’s sister, Seth’s aunt, etc); So…she had to go.

The bait shop was the place where Alex and Marissa felt that intense spark;
But let’s face it – Marissa’s not a lesbian and the bait shop’s not the After Dark.

Sandy almost cheated on Kirsten – with an ex he thought was dead;
Kirsten turned to alcohol while Sandy was messing with her head.

And we’ll always remember just before Cal descended from his royal throne,
Kiki screaming, “I may love my chardonnay but at least I won’t die alone!!”

The season ended with the shot heard throughout The O.C.
Marissa fired a gun at Ryan’s brother – and he woke up in Season 3.

At this point, Seth and Summer are a pretty solid pair,
And Ryan and Marissa…does anyone still care?

Kiki’s in rehab; Sandy’s holding down the fort while she’s away,
Marissa’s been kicked out of school after shooting Trey.

So moving to Hawaii with her family sounds super,
As her mother prepares to be Julie Cooper Nichol Cooper.

But Jimmy screws up again and he has to leave her,
And we meet Taylor Townsend, a type A overachiever

Who’s gunning for Marissa’s social chair position,
But soon becomes a friend in the O.C. tradition.

Sandy tries to revive the Newport group –a failing enterprise,
And gets caught up in a tangled web of deception and lies.

His son starts smoking pot and his office catches fire –
Kirsten falls off the wagon – oh Sandy, just retire!

How is Ryan the most stable member of the gang,
And what outrageous stunt will end the season with a bang?

It turned out a tragic car crash would take a member of the group,
Rest in Peace Marissa - Mischa Barton’s flown the Coop!

With all the residual grief at the start of season four,
It wasn’t hard to believe that cancellation was in store.

And the clearest warning that the show would be heading for the hills,
Was when Bilson and Brody announced they were splitsville.

Yes, the old OC magic was gone – distant memories,
Instead we got fight clubs, prostitution rings, and Summer hugging trees.

Little sister Caitlin took over as the hell raising Cooper girl,
And Taylor Townsend melted Ryan’s heart after a visit to alt world.

Summer came back to Newport – now, none of the kids were in college,
Instead we had pregnancies, proposals and earthquakes to acknowledge.

It all was leading to the ending - the OC’s final day -
But the audience (and Summer’s dad) are watching a hypothermic Dr. Grey.

For those of us who tuned in, it was a jam packed hour, truly,
Babies and Berkeley and Bullet… Go Team Julie!

We found out that Summer and Seth eventually become man and wife,
And watched as Ryan looked back on how the Cohen’s saved his life.

Yes, we have to recognize what the OC gave to all of us,
Adam Brody, emo music, and merry Christmakkuhs.

It made comic books trendy; it made it cool to be a geek,
And it gave us Peter Gallagher’s eyebrows every week.

Thus, as The O.C. says goodbye, Ryan’s words we must endorse –
We’d do it all the same again, except for Oliver of course.

"Friends" - I'll Be There For You

“Friends” began in September 1994,
When a girl in her wedding dress burst through Central Perk’s door.

The introductions began; the gang was six,
The coolest characters, the most exclusive of cliques.

There’s Rachel Green, the spoiled brat who ran out on her wedding,
To become the world’s worst waitress in a brand new setting.

Rachel moved in with Monica, her best friend from high school,
Where Monica was fat and Rachel was cool.

Competitive and compulsive, that’s Monica Geller,
A chef whose dishes are always stellar.

Chandler and Joey lived across the hall,
These goofy guys were always having a ball.

Chandler Bing, could he BE more insecure,
Gay or straight? We weren’t always so sure.

Unlike, Joey Tribbiani could barely keep track of all the girls he was screwing,
He made the ladies melt with a smooth look, and a “How You Doing?”

The group’s free spirit known as Phoebe Buffay,
“Smelly Cat” was her favorite song to play.

And Ross Geller, the paleontologist and Monica’s brother,
He was always the favorite child of their father and mother.

But Ross wasn’t exactly living the simple life,
He was having a baby with his lesbian ex-wife.

Rachel and Ross were the pair that everyone wanted together,
She was oblivious; he had been in love with her forever.

Paolo romanced Rachel before Ross could declare his affection,
Chandler told Jill Goodacre that “gum would be perfection.”

Marcel the monkey was more than just a pet,
He was almost our seventh friend, let’s not forget.

When Marcel hit his sexual prime he was off to the zoo,
Ross was about to have a baby, along with Carol and Sue.

Monica became “Monana” when a thief signed up for a tap dancing class,
Joey got fired from his role of “Al Pacino’s Ass”
When Ross went to China, for a big bone thing,
Telling Rachel that Ross loved her – leave that to Chandler Bing.

Rachel finally found out how Ross was feeling,
And realized that she too found it appealing.

As she waited at the airport, it was heartbreaking truly,
To see Ross walk off the plane kissing his new girlfriend Julie.

Phoebe gave the guys great haircuts, but Monica’s was (not so) ugly,
She asked for Demi Moore’s ‘do, but Phoebe gave her Dudley.

Rachel’s drunken message to Ross declared “I am over you…
That my friend is closure,” and finally Ross knew.

After waiting so long, we cheered for Ross and Rachel’s first kiss,
But happiness was short-lived when Ross made that infamous list.

An old prom video convinced Rachel how much Ross loved her,
All was forgiven and Phoebe said, “See? She’s his lobster!”

While they consummated their relationship in the Natural History Museum,
Monica started dating Richard, a man whose pool she once peed in.

Joey was making it big as Dr Drake Ramoray on Days of our Lives,
Carol and Susan got married and were officially wives.

Phoebe, who was living across town with her grandmother,
Went to find her father and found out she had a brother.

Joey got his own place but came back to Chandler not much later,
When his soap opera character fell down the shaft of an elevator.

Richard didn’t share Monica’s need to hear the pitter patter of a child so angelic,
Monica was probably the only one to shed a tear as we said goodbye to Tom Selleck.

Chandler tried Internet dating way before it was a trend,
His mystery woman wound up being Janice, his annoying ex-girlfriend.

Monica wore fake boobs and roller-skates while working at a diner,
“OH MY GOD!” – a quote from Janice, the number one whiner.

As much as Chandler loved her we weren’t sorry to see her go,
Janice was caught kissing her ex husband – special thanks to Joe.

Thanksgiving meant football – the gang played in the park,
Rachel’s job prospects looked brighter when she met a fellow named Mark,

A cute guy who got Rachel a job in fashion merchandising,
After everything with Carol, Ross’ jealousy was hardly surprising.

Frustrated from fighting, Rachel suggested she and Ross just take a break,
Did Ross cheat on Rachel? That is still the big debate.

Monica’s love life was looking much brighter,
Pete was great until he tried to become the ultimate fighter.

The gang went to the beach for a weekend getaway,
Instead of strip poker they played strip Happy Days.

An important fact from her past was what Phoebe uncovered,
The woman claiming to know her parents was actually her birth mother.

Ross and Rachel were flirting until Ross’s girlfriend Bonnie got there,
Rachel cleverly convinced her to shave her entire head of hair.

Rachel said she still loved him but bald Bonnie was waiting behind the other door,
Whose room did Ross walk into? We’ll have to wait for season 4.

Next fall we confirmed what we had all summer suspected,
Ross only wanted Rachel – Bonnie was rejected.

Rachel’s long letter about their breakup couldn’t keep Ross awake,
Rachel thought he’d admitted fault until he screamed “WE WERE ON A BREAK!”

When a girl came between them, Chandler and Joey’s friendship was on the rocks,
To gain his pal’s forgiveness Chandler spent Thanksgiving in a box.

Frank Jr. came to his sister Phoebe with a very odd request,
He asked her to have his baby – to be a surrogate – not incest.

The joy she could give Frank and Alice was what made her agree,
Super-fertile Phoebe got pregnant with not one but three.

Who knew who better, the girls or the guys?
The champion of the lightning round stood to win a great prize.

Competitive Monica was convinced she couldn’t get a question wrong,
She knew the TV guide was delivered to a Ms Chenandler Bong.

When the girls didn’t know Chandler’s job, the boys secured their win,
The bet was for the apartment – Chandler and Joey were moving in.

After they tried everything to get their apartment back,
Rachel and Monica agreed to kiss and the boys started to pack.

To go out with Joshua, Rachel had a favor to ask of Ross,
To take out a British girl named Emily, the niece of her boss.

It turned out Joshua and Rachel were a meaningless fling,
But Ross and Emily were convinced they were the real thing.

Rachel realized she still loved Ross and to London she flew,
Just as Ross and Emily were about to say “I Do.”

While saying his vows, Ross couldn’t remember the name of the bride,
After “I Ross take thee Rachel,” Emily should have committed suicide.

Phoebe was home and listened over the phone,
While Monica began drinking, thinking she’d forever be alone.

By the end of the night Monica and Chandler could not resist one another,
They got undressed, hopped into bed, and took a peek under the cover.

The two friends decided they should only have sex in Great Britain,
But when they got home they realized they were really quite smitten.

Season 5 began with Monica and Chandler hiding their romance from their friends,
Phoebe was about to give birth and Ross got divorced again.

Finally Phoebe’s brother’s triplets were born
And she realized she had become quite attached and she felt really torn.

Joey found out about Monica and Chandler’s affair
But with the rest of the gang they were not ready to share.

When everyone found out, it was quite a production,
Phoebe challenged Chandler to a game of seduction.

Visiting Joey in Vegas was the perfect vacation
For Chandler and Monica it was also an anniversary celebration.

On the plane, Ross drew on Rachel’s face with permanent ink,
Stuck inside the hotel room, they had nothing to do but drink.

After finishing all the alcohol that the mini bar carried,
Ross and Rachel were so drunk they decided to get married.

Season six started, Ross and Rachel were scratching their heads,
They didn’t remember getting married, now they were newlyweds.

Despite considering their own Vegas wedding, Monica and Chandler acted breezy
Ross couldn’t get an annulment, but for Britney Spears it was so easy.

Ross wanted to stay married rather than go through with a third divorce,
Phoebe pointed out his reluctance was because he loved Rachel, of course.

So he told Rachel to live with him when Chandler moved in with Monica,
And dressed up as the Holiday Armadillo to teach his son, Ben the story of Hanukkah.

Rachel found out about that little detail that Ross forgot to tell her,
She was furious to learn that she was still Mrs. Geller.

Joey and his new roommate couldn’t resist hopping in the sack,
But she hated Monica and Chandler, and so Janine had to pack.

Chandler was finally ready to ask Monica to become Mrs. Bing
She got down on one knee first, and then he gave her a ring.

Monica and Chandler’s engagement was a wonderful occasion
Let’s celebrate in the fall after summer vacation.

Feeling lonely, Rachel kissed Ross, which was a serious blunder,
Monica was outraged that Rachel was trying to steal her thunder.

For the wedding, Joey the minister needed to be ordained
Ross played the bagpipes and our ears were in pain.

For maid of honor Monica let Phoebe and Rachel make the decision
Her compulsive lists were for Rachel who would assume the position.

Around her adorable assistant Tag, Rachel was all flirty
He gave her a scooter and she broke up with him the day she turned 30.

On their wedding day, Chandler got cold feet about the whole thing,
He quickly came to his senses and Monica became Mrs. Bing.

But we were all wondering about the positive pregnancy test
We found out it was Rachel’s but the father we could only guess.

We soon learned that Ross was the father to be,How did it happen? We were about to see.

When Monica and Chandler came back from their honeymoon
Everyone sat down to watch the tape to decide who came on to whom.

After a practice date with Rachel, Joey’s real date couldn’t compare
He had fallen for his pregnant friend and this gave him quite a scare.

Everyone agreed that telling Ross was something Joey had to do,
Then Ross said Joey needed to find out from Rachel if she felt that way too.

Rachel was shocked and told Joey that she did not feel the same,
She was living with Ross so they continued with their game.

When Rachel begged Ross to sleep with her it was just as a favor,
Her water broke and they realized this was it – she was going into labor.

Rachel gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Emma
Her impulsive acceptance of Joey’s proposal caused a big dilemma.

Joey told Ross it was a mistake, but to Rachel he couldn’t confess,
Ross just didn’t understand why Rachel would say yes.

Phoebe finally found a boyfriend; she fell in love with Mike
Telling his parents about her homeless friends from the streets, what’s not to like?

Things weren’t working with Rachel and Ross living together
She decided moving back in with Joey would be better.

Monica and Chandler were trying for a baby of their own
But according to her doctor, Monica’s uterus was not a hospitable home.

Not wanting to lose Phoebe, the love of his life
Mike got over his fears and asked her to be his wife.

Charlie the paleontologist was Joey’s latest flame,
He thought she was amazing. Too bad Ross felt the same.

In Barbados is where Rachel and Joey finally kissed,
She told him she had feelings for him, and he couldn’t resist.

Before they slept together they needed to make sure that Ross would be okay,
But Joey couldn’t unhook Rachel’s bra without her slapping his hand away.

To have a child, Monica and Chandler decided to try another option,
They will have the baby they’ve dreamed of once they complete the adoption.

On a freezing winter’s day, it was Phoebe’s turn to be a bride,
When a snowstorm shut down the city, they decided to get married outside.

Everything seemed to be changing, Chandler and Monica were moving away,
Saying goodbye to the apartment and “Friends” - we thought we’d never see the day.

Rachel had news of her own; she was taking a job in France,
Ross couldn’t bear to let her go and end their great romance.

He told her that he loved her and begged her to stay,
“I got off the plane” she said standing in his doorway.
And Monica and Chandler became the proud parents of twins,
What a wonderful surprise – there are 2 baby Bings!

Leaving their keys on the countertop, all six together as it ends,
Goodbye is never easy, especially when it’s your “Friends.”

The show that impacted the way we spoke and gave the nation a hairdo,
That was responsible for the Rembrandts’ song “I’ll be there for You.”

And the saga of Ross and Rachel, from the first kiss to ever after,
Most of all we’ll remember “Friends” for all of the laughter.

For ten years they’ve been there each Thursday night,
Just like our own friends – so different yet so right.

After the final goodbye, what else can we say,
Except… “So no one told you life was gonna be this way” (Claps)

"Sex and the City" - An Affair to Remember

We couldn't help but wonder…as Carrie Bradshaw would write,
What we would do without our weekly fix of "Sex & the City" on Sunday night?

This is our tribute to the amazing show, "Sex & the City,"
The chronicles of four single NY gals, all successful, smart, and pretty.

Showing us that good friends and cosmopolitans could make everything better,
In Manhattan, the Big Apple - New York City's love letter.

Carrie wrote her musings in her sex column each week,
While hitting local hot spots, and always looking chic.

Samantha Jones, the PR queen had the most outrageous sex life,
Charlotte York, the naive one whose primary ambition was to be somebody's wife.

And Miranda Hobbes, the one so cynical and sarcastic,
This sorority of four was nothing short of fantastic.

Great friends, great jobs, great sex - these women could have it all,
From the beginning of season one, we were already having a ball!

Carrie was out on the town, looking for a cab outside,
When a man called "Mr Big" pulled up and offered her a ride.

Talk of never being in love, Carrie stammered so cutely,
When she asked Mr Big his own answer, he said "Abso-Fuckin-lutely."

Carrie's pal Skipper was just a little too kind,
For tough Miranda he just wasn't what she had in mind.

Samantha proved herself that the city was full of men for her to screw,
Each week without fail, she'd be in bed with someone new.

When Carrie and Big start dating, Carrie almost forgets,
To make time for her girlfriends and their conversations about good sex

Discussing problems like what to do when it's too big or too small,
How to talk dirty, and why he didn't call.

And that shopping and new Manolo Blahniks can salvage any bad day.
Carrie needs this therapy when she learns Mr. Big isn't going to stay.

Though in season two Carrie would prefer getting over Big by sitting home with a hanky,
She runs into him when out on a date with the hot new Yankee.

Soon they get back together, trying to make the relationship work,
Her friends don't understand why she doesn't see that he's just a jerk.

But Carrie's in love and thinking clearly isn't always easy to do,
Her faith is restored in him when he finally calls to say the words "I love you."

But soon Big breaks the news that for a year he must move to France,
So much for giving this relationship a second chance.

Phone sex and "Fuck Friends" and the Rabbit too,
This ground breaking series showed that women liked sex as much as men do.

After a guy falls asleep on her, Charlotte is quick to despair,
The girls go to a tantric sex workshop and the "demonstration" ends up in Miranda's hair.

For a weekend getaway to the Hampton's it's just a quick Jitney ride,
Carrie is shocked to see Big there, with Natasha, the girl who will soon become his bride.

Their engagement was shocking to Carrie, she wondered why it hadn't been her,
It was like Robert Redford's character Hubble in the movie The Way We Were.

So she told Big, "Your girl is lovely" as she passed by their engagement party that day,
He didn't get it then, and he never did, Carrie realized as she turned and walked away.

When Carrie turned 35 the girl made a toast to their single life,
And Charlotte informed the others this was the year she would become a wife.

Carrie's modeling career was tragic, she took an unfortunate spill,
Which led to coining the phrase "fashion roadkill."

Miranda got back together with Steve, a recent ex,
Who was originally just a one night stand - an evening of meaningless sex.

Steve accepted Miranda as she was, but didn't like feeling like he wasn't enough,
A furniture maker named Aidan came into Carrie's life - could it be true love?

Charlotte was tired of waiting to meet Mr. Right,
When she fell in front of a taxi and out stepped her White Knight

Trey MacDougal, a well-bred Scottish lad,
His mother was a nightmare, and he was such a cad.

But all Charlotte could see were wedding invitations with her name at the top,
Samantha announced that she was a lesbian, then watched everyone's jaw drop.

Carrie and Aidan were going strong, good talks, dates, and sex,
Everything was perfect until along came her ex.

Carrie quickly confessed to Aidan that she had cheated,
She meant cigarettes, hoping her affair with Big wouldn't be repeated.

But Carrie couldn't just end what should have never even started,
One thing was clear - someone was going to end up broken hearted.

Natasha was the one who found Big and Carrie together in her bed,
Their number was finally up, their relationship officially dead.

And naturally when she told Aidan, he broke up with Carrie,
There was no time for crying, it was off to see Charlotte and Trey marry.

We were eagerly awaiting the start of season four,
We just couldn't wait for "More, more, more." (How do you like it?)

Charlotte was a newlywed, but hardly feeling blissful and exhilarated,
Since Trey had a problem with impotency - she never would have anticipated.

Carrie ran into Aidan and realized how much she regretted what she did,
She had ruined everything for another shot with a guy who calls her "kid."

Aidan proposes to Carrie, dropping to one knee to give her a ring,
But it was only around her neck that Carrie would wear her bling.

They moved in together, into Carrie's small space,
She didn't realize that wedding plans would move at such a fast pace.

She told him that she loved him, but she just was not ready to marry,
And Aidan knew then that he had to say goodbye to Carrie.

Miranda had some pity sex with Steve and the one ball he still had,
With her lazy ovary, she never expected they would soon be mom and dad.

She went to get an abortion because she was not the maternal type,
But then she realized that this might not happen again in her life.

Steve proposed marriage, but a hand me down ring just wasn't right,
Miranda said they could share custody, but she wasn't ready to wear white.

After her divorce from Trey, Charlotte was far from content,
But she gave Carrie her wedding ring so she could buy back her apartment.

Samantha broke up with Maria, putting an end to the whole lesbian shtick,
And she opened up her heart to Richard Wright, her boss with the perfect dick.

At first it was all about the great sex and the gifts and jewelry,
Until Sam blurted out "I love you" while rolling on Ecstasy.

Samantha was terrified that her heart was on the line,
Dressed as Raquel Welch, a cheating Richard she would find.

And Carrie called Mr Big one night when she was feeling lonely,
He told her he was moving to Napa, here for one more weekend only.

She had the perfect shoes for her perfect date, in good old New York,
But Miranda going into labor meant Carrie and Big had to cut the night short.

We knew at this point things were changing, and it made us remember,
Our true pride in the city, yesterday, today, and forever.

Richard the cheater, apologizes profusely desperate to get back together with Sam,
She gives him a chance after he repeatedly vows, "I love you. I'm sorry. I really am."

But Ms Jones realizes that forgiveness is easier said than done,
She loses Richard in Atlantic City but knows that with her friends she has only won.

Miranda is learning to adjust to her new role as Brady's mother,
Carrie's book tour leads her to the West Coast, where she sees her favorite ex-lover.

Jack Berger, the self deprecating writer feels like good fortune for Carrie,
Charlotte is surprised to find her self falling for her divorce attorney, Harry.

She is dismayed when Harry tells her he will only wed a Jewish girl,
Then there was his "shiksah goddess" Charlotte York, a WASP, a fan of the pearl.

Converting to Judaism, learning lessons of the Torah and David's star,
Elizabeth Taylor had done it, now it was time for Char.

Carrie's success and his own failures made Berger feel like shit,
He proved to be a major loser breaking up with her on a Post- It.

And Samantha proved she was as hot as Demi,
Dating a hot young actor, who changed his name to Smith from Jerry.

Miranda dated a doctor who lived in her building, but soon it was done,
As soon as she told Steve she loved him and he told her she was "The One."

So Charlotte and Miranda each became a bride,
Charlotte's wedding was in her temple, Miranda's was outside.

The Russian Alexsandr Petrovsky was Carrie's latest lover,
He wined and dined her, but they couldn't be more different from one another.

He was an artist, getting ready for a big new exhibit,
Miranda moved her family to Brooklyn and made the girls promise to visit.

Samantha received some news that wasn't easy to digest,
She was diagnosed with cancer after doctors found a lump in her breast.

Smith was by her side, offering comfort, support and care,
So incredibly romantic was the scene when he shaved off his gorgeous hair.

Charlotte and Harry were looking to adopt, to bring a baby into their home,
In the meanwhile their dog Elizabeth Taylor gave birth to a litter of her own.

Carrie decided to follow the Russian to France and headed out of town,
To bid farewell to her friends and shut her computer down.

Her friends, her life, her city, all the things Paris would lack,
We needed Mr. Big to "Bring our girl back!"

One last Manhattan lunch with the girls, everything so different yet the same,
And FINALLY we find out the BIG mystery - John is his name!

Sex & the City's final episode had our girls living happily ever after,
We toasted to all the cosmopolitans, the girl talk, the laughter.

The moments we were reminded of our own group of friends,
The feeling of falling in love, the heartache when it ends.

The relationships in our lives was what this show truly was about,
The friends, the lovers, the people who help us figure it all out.

Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, Charlotte - forever the fabulous four,
After six years of great 'Sex' - we're begging for more!

90210: The Brenda Years

Our favorite show started out way back when
It is sad to look back now at the close of season ten.

You all know the show I am speaking of
It’s Beverly Hills 90210, with the characters that we love.

The Walsh’s moved to this famous zip code
Coming from Minnesota to their new L.A. abode.

The first episode was a hit with a huge party for all the kids
Steve got real drunk and his car was crashed by freshman – David.

Brenda and Kelly thought with fake ids they could win
Off to the bar where Brenda would meet Jason, her first fling.

That soon ended when she told him her age
Flirting with Brandon’s friend Dylan was her next phase.

At this point in the show Donna was as quiet as a mouse
And believe it or not the Walsh’s lived in a different house.

Skeleton’s in the closet and working for the rap line
This is when we loved the show because it was “Brenda’s time.”

Brandon soon got to know the Harvard girl with a child
Kelly and Brenda went sky diving – they got crazy and wild.

The most important relationship of the entire show
Brenda and Dylan made it through more than we know.

They got together after he threw the flowerpot
Brenda got scared and ran, but Dylan kissed her on the spot.

Jim was unhappy while Brenda dated Mr. Mckay
And Brandon was working at the Peach Pit so he would have a car some day.

He was definitely the favorite of the Walsh’s back then
But all we could think about was how much we loved Bren.

Brandon wanted to work on the school’s paper – the Blaze
Andrea was skeptical but then wanted him within days.

She always had a thing for Brandon, the writer
Over the years the two of them became even tighter.

Andrea should not have even gone to West Bev
She did not have the money so she lived with Grandma instead.

The Gang started to accept her because Brandon thought she was cool
But the rest of us always knew that she was the biggest tool.

She kissed Steve while studying for the SAT’s
Which Donna got a 620 in – God help her PLEASE!

Then cousin Bobby came to visit and gave the Walsh’s a scare
How would everyone react to the kid in the wheelchair?

Soon came the day when Jim said they must go back home
But before they went, Andrea wanted to give Brandon something of her Own.

Luckily the Walsh’s decided to stay with us all
They had just made it through the whole winter and fall

Kelly and Brenda soon wore the same dress,
The ugliest thing ever, I must confess.

Brenda lost her virginity at this spring dance,
In a hotel room with Dylan – what a romance.

But when Jim found a pregnancy test in the trash can,
He screamed and told Brenda to find a new man.

So broken up for a while they were,
But Brenda still loved him, of that she was sure.

The summer passed by and soon back to school,
They were all juniors again – isn’t that cool?

Except for David who grew a year older
A sophomore being seen more and getting bolder.

Soon he snagged Donna – a grave, grave mistake –
For seven years is a long time to wait!

And just when the group couldn’t get any stranger,
Along came Emily Valentine - a girl of mystery and danger.

She dated Brandon and Dylan, and sang with our gals,
All she wanted was to be one of the pals.

But sadly she went and burned their float,
And Brenda and Dylan were back together, I should note.

Kelly’s mom got married to David’s father,
A wedding at the Walsh’s - shouldn’t be a bother.

Erin was born so Kelly stayed in L.A.
As she saw Brenda and Donna go far, far away.

During their summer in Paris, Bren hooked up with Rick,
While Kelly was stealing Dylan – now that made me sick!

The rest of the gang just relaxing and getting tan,
Until September came and for senior year they ran.

Kelly whined as Dylan went back to Bren,
But who could feel bad for her – she was a horrible friend!

David told Donna of his summer fling,
With freshman buddy Nikki, he had a thing.

Andrea and Brandon, coeditors were made,
And Steve broke into the computer to change his grades.

That’s when things began to get crazy,
Why did Brandon date Nikki – that’s still a little hazy.

Brenda broke up with Dylan for a moment – but wait –
Didn’t she see him with Kelly on a date?

So led to the cookies with a K and a B,
And Dylan had to ask himself “Who’s the girl for me?”

Eventually in the pool it was Kelly he would kiss,
He apologized to Brenda saying “Sorry – I want this”

The new couple told her of their summer fling then,

But two weeks later she opened her heart,
Dylan’s dad was dead and he was falling apart.

So the gang was back to being friends,
As their high school careers came to its end.

Andrea planned to go to Yale,
And Steve was in detention each day without fail.

David was working hard to skip a grade,
To graduate with his friends and finally get laid.

Finally it was time for the Senior Prom,
And as Donna got wasted, we tried to stay calm.

Ms Teasley was shocked and said “Donna – You’re drunk! Do you know what that means?”
“IT means I had to much to drink” replied Donna – so naturally it seemed.

Luckily it all turned into a moment the world celebrates,
When Brandon led the school chanting “DONNA MARTIN GRADUATES!!!!”

Then the ceremony came and we reflected on past years,
With the gang in all their glory, I shed a few tears.

They had all grown up and we were so proud,
Our friends from West Bev could enter the real world now.

But Bren told the gang that to Minnesota she would go,
She missed her old friends and she missed the snow.

But when she got there she just couldn’t stay,
Far from the gang – who could last a day?

So freshman year in college became one to remember,
It all started with registration in September.

Kel and Dylan were still a pair,
Steve accused of rape – now that was a scare.

Andrea the virgin soon became a turbo slut,
She was pregnant and married to Jesse – what the fuck??

Brenda pursued acting and David was always high
He had to get some help or dear Donna would say goodbye.

Of course for these freshman – Greek life was the plan,
Of Alpha Omega, the girls were a fan.

Steve joined the KEG house and had a blast,
But freshman year goes by so fast.

By the end Dylan had a sister with a scam artist mother,
And Donna caught David sleeping with another.

Before the end of the season Brenda needed to show Dylan some fun,
We always knew that their relationship was number one.

But she went off to London to learn how to act
And sadly enough, she never came back.

Not even a mention was made of our Bren,
Not a story or anecdote of way back when.

But we know that after she left the show just wasn’t the same,
But don’t worry Aaron Spelling – we aren’t placing any blame!

Us true fans wish her well on her endeavors,
We love you Brenda Walsh – now and forever!!!!