Saturday, May 26, 2007

Gilmore Girls - Through the years

Let’s take a look back through the years – as the story ends,
The saga of a mother and daughter who were also best friends.

From the moment that it started we were caught up in the worlds
Of Lorelai and Rory – Our Gilmore Girls.

Where one led the other would follow
But all roads led back to Star’s Hollow.

Where Taylor, Babette, and Miss Patty resided
And town meetings were the way everything was decided.

It was very clear - the townsfolk were kookie –
But no friends could be better than Lane Kim and Sookie.

And of course Luke – the diner owner and the guy
Who brewed the best coffee as he crushed on Lorelai

A mother at 16, she left home to begin
Working at the aptly named Independence Inn

And though Lorelai and her parents live just thirty miles apart
The distance was far greater in matters of the heart

But when Chilton prep school granted Rory admission,
Lorelai had to make amends to cover the tuition

We met Emily and Richard and the first of many maids
As they traded Friday night dinners for financial aid.

So the strings are attached but Rory’s well on her way,
Plaid skirts tomorrow – and Harvard someday.

The Chilton crew included Tristan and the always stellar,
Inimitable intensity of one Paris Gellar.

Until the ice thawed, she was Rory’s archrival,
Jealous of the attention Tristan paid the new arrival.

But Rory only had eyes for Dean at the Chilton dance,
And she was not the only Gilmore having a great romance –

In fact, her lit teacher was dating her mother,
Mr Medina thought he and Lorelai were meant for each other

There were breakups, makeups, and a visit from Rory’s dad Chris,
Marriage proposals accompanied by a pro/con list.

Yes, these Gilmore girls were a pretty quirky pair,
Coffee, movies, and junk food – some obsessions they share.

Which brings me to another matter –
How did they eat so much and never get fatter?

Oh well…let them eat cake, let’s talk season 2,
At the start of which Lorelai agreed to tell Max “I do.”

But instead of for the chuppah, our girls were heading,
On a roadtrip to Harvard instead of a wedding.

Where Lorelai thought of how her life might have been,
And decided it was time she and Sookie opened their own inn.

Dean and Rory were in(n) love and going strong,
But things started going sour when Luke’s nephew came along.

Jess was trouble said the consensus at a town meeting,
But Rory was drawn to the rebel with a secret love of reading.

As for Lorelai and the rest of the Gilmore pack,
Each time they took a step forward, they took another step back.

Lorelai thinks she'll never be forgiven for not doing what was planned,
And Emily struggles to connect with a daughter, who she doesn’t understand.

It was easy to see that Rory was the apple of her grandparent’s eye,
There were poignant moments were we saw that they loved Lorelai.

Like when they caused a scene at her business school graduation,
While beaming with pride on this very special occasion.

And where was Rory while mom was wearing cap and gown?
Stuck on a bus after seeing Jess, who had recently left town –

He crashed the car Dean built, causing Rory’s broken arm,
Lorelai went berserk telling Luke he’d done enough harm.

Meanwhile things with Sookie were hardly run of the mill,
She was marrying the produce guy – Jackson Bellville.

On the eve of the wedding, Lor & Chris had some sex,
Got back together for 12 hours until what happened next…

Chris’ ex girlfriend called to say she was preggers, and he knew,
After missing Rory’s childhood, he couldn’t miss this kid’s too.

And Rory was also taking off – to Washington DC,
After the Gellar-Gilmore ticket declared their victory.

But before leaving, she kissed Jess who we learned,
Had asked Uncle Luke for permission to return.

In the fall, Lorelai was still upset that Chris was gone;
Rory admitted her feelings for Jess at the dance marathon.

She got into Harvard; but poor Paris was denied,
We feared she just might commit suicide.

But Rory chose to go to Yale like her grandfather,
Who was thrilled another Gilmore would attend his alma mater.

Lorelai paid off the Chilton debt before graduation,
But no financial aid led Rory to make a new negotiation.

Now, with Jess gone again, and Friday night dinners reinstated,
The Gilmore Girls set off to Europe after Rory graduated.

They return in the fall and it’s off to Yale right away,
Luke’s truck and a mattress make several round trips that day.

Upon arrival, we’re surprised (and delighted!) to meet,
Our old pal Paris, who will be living in Rory’s suite.

Back in the hollow, marriage was the thing to do,
Both Luke and Dean got hitched - to girls they barely knew.

In Hartford, Richard’s “Gilmore Group” enterprise got bigger,
He hired his daughter’s next boyfriend – come on Lor, Digger?

And Emily and Richard’s marriage is in need of a fix,
After the passing of Richard’s beloved mother - RIP Trix.

In the inn, Michel’s on board and the work is almost done,
All the townsfolk are invited for the Dragonfly trial run.

Now comes a milestone no fan could have missed,
When Luke and Lorelai finally kissed.

And Rory’s perfect image was seriously marred,
Dean was married but she gave him her virginity card!

After the dust settled, the final Rory-Dean round could begin,
And Luke told Lorelai that “what they were doing” he was “All In”

Until the Gilmore’s re-wedding where they briefly separated
A breakup caused by Christopher that Emily had orchestrated.

Rory met Logan Huntzberger and decided, “you jump, I jump”
But his father’s criticism of her soon led to a major roadbump

A boat theft, an arrest, and a few hours in jail,
Then moving to her grandparent’s and dropping out of Yale.

Which caused the big mother-daughter feud,
In the midst of which Lorelai asked Luke to say I Do.

They got engaged but didn’t tell Rory the news,
She had Logan, her sex house, and serious issues.

When Jess said she wasn’t herself – Rory was indicted,
She kissed the D.A.R. goodbye and the Gilmore Girls reunited!

But as much as we loved seeing them, back in all their glory,
Trouble was brewing – for Luke and Lorelai…and Logan and Rory.

The latter pair bounced back, but things with Luke & Lor were bad,
He started pushing her away after learning he was April’s dad.

They weren’t heading for the altar – that was Lane and Zach,
And per usual – when the going got tough…Chris was back.

This time, however, he would not just come and go,
After Luke denied her, Lorelai did something pretty low.

She slept with Rory’s father; she had now made her bed,
And soon was married, not to Luke – but Christopher instead.

And Rory started senior year - with Logan still smitten,
But the party boy was now off working in Great Britain.

Luke had a custody battle; Lane and Zach had twin boys,
Richard suffered a major health scare, and amidst all of the noise…

When it was Luke who stood by Lorelai’s side that night,
She realized Chris was this possibility that in the end wasn’t right.

Endings led to new beginnings as Rory said goodbye to student life,
Then chose her independence after Logan asked her to be his wife.

Paris was finally Harvard bound – med school acceptance was in,
And for the record, Lucy and the other one were no Louise & Madeline.

As Rory was finishing college, post-grad plans being made,
Lorelai sang Luke a public “I Will Always Love You” serenade.

Then suddenly without warning, the news unexpectedly hit –
Gilmore Girls wasn’t coming back – this season would be it.

In the end, Rory was heading for the campaign trail with Obama
After a big goodbye to the Stars Hollowers and of course her mama.

She attended the party the town that raised her was throwing –
Special thanks to Luke who (sob) stayed up all night sewing.

There were great moments that were sweet, but not too sappy –
Luke and Lorelai’s kiss after he said “I just like to see you happy.”

Plus Emily’s fear that come Friday night, she’d have no mouths to feed.
And when Rory told her mother, “Mom - You gave me all I need.”

Yes, the Gilmore’s gave us all a lot over the past seven years,
The spunk and the sarcasm; the laughter and tears.

The wit and charm of the mother daughter dynamo,
The pop culture references from Amy Sherman-Palladino…

The fast talking; the quippiness; and the verbal ping pong,
That Lauren Graham never got an Emmy - just plain wrong!

And I apologize for writing all this without managing to work
In a single line mentioning a strange but sweet man called Kirk.

Oh! Don’t we all wish the town of Stars Hollow wasn't fictitious;
We’d hit Al’s Pancake House, Kim’s Antiques, and confirm Luke’s coffee is delicious…

As fans, we know these details were truly an important part,
Of a show that could make us laugh, while touching our heart...

Watching a family grow up, we saw that blood was thicker than water,
We thought of our best friends; we realized we are our mother’s daughter.

We thought of the ones who gave us all we need,
The people we followed where they would lead,

After seven years, in our little corners of the world,
We said "Oy with the poodles already" - Goodbye Gilmore Girls!


Anonymous said...

That is really good! I loved it. :)

Olle said...

i'm crying all over my computer, and that's a good thing. i've read your previous ones as well and they are all amazing. this one is my favourite though, since it's the one show that i've actually seen all of the episodes of. thanks!

Linnéa said...

you made me cry. i miss gg!

Anonymous said...

wow. this poem is amazing! it made me miss gilmore girls so much! and it made me happy to see people who appreciate it as much as i do!

Kels9 said...

Even though the final episode aired several months ago, I hadn't worked up enough courage to watch it until tonight (Sept 21)
On top of all the tears I've been crying since I finished the I'm crying even harder.
This poem was amazing, it really brought together and captured what Gilmore Girls is really all about.
Thank you so much for causing me all this grief over one amazing TV show.

Marjorie said...

Good words.