Thursday, February 22, 2007

90210: The Brenda Years

Our favorite show started out way back when
It is sad to look back now at the close of season ten.

You all know the show I am speaking of
It’s Beverly Hills 90210, with the characters that we love.

The Walsh’s moved to this famous zip code
Coming from Minnesota to their new L.A. abode.

The first episode was a hit with a huge party for all the kids
Steve got real drunk and his car was crashed by freshman – David.

Brenda and Kelly thought with fake ids they could win
Off to the bar where Brenda would meet Jason, her first fling.

That soon ended when she told him her age
Flirting with Brandon’s friend Dylan was her next phase.

At this point in the show Donna was as quiet as a mouse
And believe it or not the Walsh’s lived in a different house.

Skeleton’s in the closet and working for the rap line
This is when we loved the show because it was “Brenda’s time.”

Brandon soon got to know the Harvard girl with a child
Kelly and Brenda went sky diving – they got crazy and wild.

The most important relationship of the entire show
Brenda and Dylan made it through more than we know.

They got together after he threw the flowerpot
Brenda got scared and ran, but Dylan kissed her on the spot.

Jim was unhappy while Brenda dated Mr. Mckay
And Brandon was working at the Peach Pit so he would have a car some day.

He was definitely the favorite of the Walsh’s back then
But all we could think about was how much we loved Bren.

Brandon wanted to work on the school’s paper – the Blaze
Andrea was skeptical but then wanted him within days.

She always had a thing for Brandon, the writer
Over the years the two of them became even tighter.

Andrea should not have even gone to West Bev
She did not have the money so she lived with Grandma instead.

The Gang started to accept her because Brandon thought she was cool
But the rest of us always knew that she was the biggest tool.

She kissed Steve while studying for the SAT’s
Which Donna got a 620 in – God help her PLEASE!

Then cousin Bobby came to visit and gave the Walsh’s a scare
How would everyone react to the kid in the wheelchair?

Soon came the day when Jim said they must go back home
But before they went, Andrea wanted to give Brandon something of her Own.

Luckily the Walsh’s decided to stay with us all
They had just made it through the whole winter and fall

Kelly and Brenda soon wore the same dress,
The ugliest thing ever, I must confess.

Brenda lost her virginity at this spring dance,
In a hotel room with Dylan – what a romance.

But when Jim found a pregnancy test in the trash can,
He screamed and told Brenda to find a new man.

So broken up for a while they were,
But Brenda still loved him, of that she was sure.

The summer passed by and soon back to school,
They were all juniors again – isn’t that cool?

Except for David who grew a year older
A sophomore being seen more and getting bolder.

Soon he snagged Donna – a grave, grave mistake –
For seven years is a long time to wait!

And just when the group couldn’t get any stranger,
Along came Emily Valentine - a girl of mystery and danger.

She dated Brandon and Dylan, and sang with our gals,
All she wanted was to be one of the pals.

But sadly she went and burned their float,
And Brenda and Dylan were back together, I should note.

Kelly’s mom got married to David’s father,
A wedding at the Walsh’s - shouldn’t be a bother.

Erin was born so Kelly stayed in L.A.
As she saw Brenda and Donna go far, far away.

During their summer in Paris, Bren hooked up with Rick,
While Kelly was stealing Dylan – now that made me sick!

The rest of the gang just relaxing and getting tan,
Until September came and for senior year they ran.

Kelly whined as Dylan went back to Bren,
But who could feel bad for her – she was a horrible friend!

David told Donna of his summer fling,
With freshman buddy Nikki, he had a thing.

Andrea and Brandon, coeditors were made,
And Steve broke into the computer to change his grades.

That’s when things began to get crazy,
Why did Brandon date Nikki – that’s still a little hazy.

Brenda broke up with Dylan for a moment – but wait –
Didn’t she see him with Kelly on a date?

So led to the cookies with a K and a B,
And Dylan had to ask himself “Who’s the girl for me?”

Eventually in the pool it was Kelly he would kiss,
He apologized to Brenda saying “Sorry – I want this”

The new couple told her of their summer fling then,

But two weeks later she opened her heart,
Dylan’s dad was dead and he was falling apart.

So the gang was back to being friends,
As their high school careers came to its end.

Andrea planned to go to Yale,
And Steve was in detention each day without fail.

David was working hard to skip a grade,
To graduate with his friends and finally get laid.

Finally it was time for the Senior Prom,
And as Donna got wasted, we tried to stay calm.

Ms Teasley was shocked and said “Donna – You’re drunk! Do you know what that means?”
“IT means I had to much to drink” replied Donna – so naturally it seemed.

Luckily it all turned into a moment the world celebrates,
When Brandon led the school chanting “DONNA MARTIN GRADUATES!!!!”

Then the ceremony came and we reflected on past years,
With the gang in all their glory, I shed a few tears.

They had all grown up and we were so proud,
Our friends from West Bev could enter the real world now.

But Bren told the gang that to Minnesota she would go,
She missed her old friends and she missed the snow.

But when she got there she just couldn’t stay,
Far from the gang – who could last a day?

So freshman year in college became one to remember,
It all started with registration in September.

Kel and Dylan were still a pair,
Steve accused of rape – now that was a scare.

Andrea the virgin soon became a turbo slut,
She was pregnant and married to Jesse – what the fuck??

Brenda pursued acting and David was always high
He had to get some help or dear Donna would say goodbye.

Of course for these freshman – Greek life was the plan,
Of Alpha Omega, the girls were a fan.

Steve joined the KEG house and had a blast,
But freshman year goes by so fast.

By the end Dylan had a sister with a scam artist mother,
And Donna caught David sleeping with another.

Before the end of the season Brenda needed to show Dylan some fun,
We always knew that their relationship was number one.

But she went off to London to learn how to act
And sadly enough, she never came back.

Not even a mention was made of our Bren,
Not a story or anecdote of way back when.

But we know that after she left the show just wasn’t the same,
But don’t worry Aaron Spelling – we aren’t placing any blame!

Us true fans wish her well on her endeavors,
We love you Brenda Walsh – now and forever!!!!

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Gohaan1986 said...

I discovered 90210 last year on soapnet, and I am really late right? lol. I think that your poen really captured the thoughts of all of us Brenda Walsh fans. Its nice to see something devoted to best years of the show.